The Poool’s objectives are in line with industry-wide demand for qualified, consistent, and reliable translation professionals. This is the foundation for a strong localization team, and we support this effort.

Miguel Delgadillo

Director Language Services, Visual Data Media Services

In our fast growing, yet unpredictable industry there is an expected shortfall of talent and resources. The Poool will not only be a resource for agencies, but can help audiovisual translators and editors build a predictable income by finding work across agencies. In turn this will help retain skilled professionals globally and prevent potential talent crisis in the localization and accessibility industry.

Bente Ottersen

CEO, Titles-On

As a boutique media localization service provider, Graffitti Studio is committed to deliver nothing less than exceptional translation quality. In a world of increasing complexity and within an industry of booming technology it gets increasingly harder to identify and retain talent. Now thanks to The Poool we can lean on verified translation professionals and do our job easier, quicker and better than ever before.

Nikolay Ivanov

CEO, Graffitti Studio

For Firstlight Media, having skilled and professional subtitlers is vital – they are the real experts behind all the localized content we deliver each day. In an ever faster growing industry, finding skilled talent has proven more and more difficult and we believe The Pool bridges the gap moving forward.

Martin Herclik

Managing Director, Firstlight Media AB

We think the need to find qualified resources as the industry evolves is becoming more and more complex and expensive in many ways. We believe Ooona has achieved an answer to this growing issue for localization agencies by creating a neutral database with professionals. The Poool provides us with solutions that are neutral and efficient. 

Alma Baca

CEO & Founder, Collot Baca Localization